Glamour  photography

Fashion and artistic model photography

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Model photography portfolio shoots


Fashion Photography Portfolio

General model photography where clothing is used to create a theme or a certain style is required.
Ranging from clothing to hair style, everything is designed with a certain "feel" in mind.
Using subtle lighting to create moods. Usually associated with advertisements or fashion photography magazines


Beauty Portfolio 

Model photography where the face of the model is the focus. Generally called headshots.
Soft concentrated lighting being the preferred choice. Often used to advertise make-up and beauty
products, the lighting is always soft and envelopes the face.


Lingerie and Nude portfolio

Model photography focusing on feminity, lingerie deals with the sensual style,
capturing the aura and personality of the model. Nude photography captures the
female figure in artistic ways, lending itself to black and white images. Often challenging
nude photography is an art in itself.


Model Portfolio Photography of John Mather